Nice to meet you

Oh, Hey!
My name is Taci.

I travel the world to explore its beauty, absorb the cultures and write about it here. Let’s wander together!

us at godafoss
How it all started?

Never stop wandering

We began traveling to travel. We wanted to see everything the world has to offer and I wanted to photograph it all! Originally this blog was supposed to help people like us travel on a budget, and while I do share tips on how to save money while you travel this is definitely NOT a budget travel blog.

so what is it then? I am glad you asked. When we travel we don’t stay at hotel chains and take guided tours. We stay with the locals, we ask for their recommendations we take the paths less traveled and we try so hard to be a part of the country or place we are in. We don’t want to be just visitors. This blog is to share the world with you, it is to encourage you to see the world also but not just SEE it but absorb it.

More about us

Hi! I am Taci, I am the main girl behind this blog. I can’t exactly pinpoint when I realized the extent of my wanderlust but from a young age, I knew I wanted to travel, everywhere and anywhere. My grandfather gave me a valuable piece of advice. “Go! travel as much and as often as you can while you are young.” I planned to take that advice!

Iceland was David and my first trip out of the county, without our parents. Little did we know that that was just the tip of the iceberg in our travel story. (get it? cuz we went to Iceland…)

When I am not traveling for fun, I travel for work with Canon as a brand representative supporting trade shows, make tasty beverages at Starbucks and take pretty photos of pretty people

My in iceland at diamond beach iceland
David on a boat with coffee, in new zealand

Hey there! I’m David, the guy in the picture. The one on the left. That’s the one.

I have an affinity for music, culture, and craft beer.

I create our videos -along with the music in them. Some have asked, “how were you able to condense your powers of musical ability, drinking, AND sitting in front of a computer all in one pursuit?” to which I say, “listen here, voices in my own head, I don’t need your sarcasm right now. I’m trying to write a bio here.”
We hope we inspire you to use your powers in exploring the world beyond!

When I’m not creating videos, I’m giving music lessons and playing gigs around San Diego.

This is Bean. 2020 was a crazy year for everyone that is for sure. To add to the crazy, we had a baby! The nice thing was that I had a lot less FOMO while pregnant since traveling wasn’t an option and it forced lots of rest. “Bean” is a nickname my mom gave her the day she was born if you were wondering.

She has added so much joy to our lives. We love sharing the world with her. It has been an experience learning what travel is like with this extra carry on so be sure to check out the blog for tips and tricks we learn along the way.

Bean in at the Pumpkin Patch

Is it luck

Decide to wander

A couple of years ago we decided to travel. That was almost the name of this blog actually. That decision is where this blog all begins. David and I decided we were going to travel but how could we? We had the same list of reasons that I am sure you have.

Ya, YOU, reading this about page.

“How do we afford it?”

“I am too busy”

I saw people posting all these cool places and I thought “Man, I wish I could do that”

Does this sound familiar?? Well, this blog is here to tell you to STOP IT!

You can travel. You just have to want it. Really want it. 

In this blog, I will share tips and tricks on how to do just that. I will share with you money-saving tips, itineraries and ways to make the most of your time when traveling and when you are not. As a bonus, this all comes paired with beautiful images, fun videos, and original music!

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