Hokitika was undeniably one of the most delightful towns we had the pleasure of staying in during our journey. With its quaint and peaceful atmosphere, it quickly became a favorite. When we got there in the early evening, we were thrilled to find a unique Airbnb right on the beach – a cozy yurt. For those unfamiliar, a yurt is a semi-permanent tent-like structure. This particular one was equipped with a heater and a mini fridge, and the hosts had even created a convenient outdoor bathroom accessible from the yard.

Hokitika South Island New Zealand

Around Hokitika

As we settled in, the sound of the crashing waves just outside provided a soothing backdrop. This made our stay even more peaceful and cozy. Despite its small size, the town of Hokitika offers a variety of charming shops to explore. One notable shop we came across was a glass working studio, where we couldn’t resist purchasing a cute little glass figure of a Kiwi bird.

Dinner and A Sunset

In the center of town, a striking clock tower catches the eye. As dinner time approached, we discovered a delightful pizza place called Fat Pipi’s, located right on the beach. The pizza was delicious. We decided to take it to go, enjoying it while watching the breathtaking sunset from Sunset Point. We found the famous Hokitika sign too. Of course, got some pictures with it and the chair statue nearby. Afterward, we took a stroll along the beach back to our Airbnb.

Clock tower in hokitika new zealand

Glow Worms

During the evening, we made our way to the Glow Worm Dell, a smaller version of the famous Waitomo caves. Although not as grand, it was a pleasant walk and a unique opportunity to see the glow worms up close without being on a boat. Armed with a tripod, I managed to capture a few stunning long-exposure shots of the night sky, which was particularly impressive due to the limited light pollution in this small town.

Glow Worm Dell Hokitika New Zealand

Back at our yurt, I set up my tripod outside once again and captured some captivating night shots of the beach. Unfortunately, luck was not on our side that night as heavy rain poured down on the yurt, making it a slightly less restful sleep. Nevertheless, the experience was worth it, and Hokitika left an indelible mark on our hearts.

Airbnb Hokitika New Zealand
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