We would like to thank Little River Inn and Cally Dym for having us. Our stay was graciously provided in exchange for our honest review. As always the opinions below are our own.

After our wine tasting at Maple Creek Winery, we kept on the road to Little River. Highway 128 is woodsy and covered with vineyards, as you approach the coast the amount of vineyards lessens and the amount of tall, beautiful redwoods increases. Then you turn onto Highway 1 and you are met with the vast Pacific Ocean. It’s amazing, being from San Diego I see the Pacific almost daily but here, somehow it was so different. 

Little River Inn Mendocino

The Inn

Little River Inn is right on Highway 1, you can’t miss it. Coming from the south you will see it on the right. A quaint-looking place that already feels like home before you even park the car. Walking in the front door you can see that the original charm of this 1857 home has been preserved with the utmost care. The ladies at the front desk were so helpful and welcoming. We were assured that if we needed anything at all to just dial 0.

Our room at Little River Inn, Mendocino

Little River Inn has been family-owned and operated since its formation over 80 years ago but current owner Cally’s grandfather, Ole. Before then it was a home shared by the family. This love and sense of family is prevalent throughout the property. 

Our Room at Little River Inn, Mendocino

We walked to our room, just a few doors down from the office. The additions to the original home were designed so that many of the rooms get to take in the stunning ocean view but still maintain some privacy. Our room had rocking chairs on the deck out front to enjoy the view. 

The view from our room at Little River Inn, Mendocino

Inside, the room is also designed with the Pacific view in mind. Two comfy chairs face the large west-facing windows. The bed is tucked into the back of the room and is raised to get a view even from the bed. To make the room cozy, there is an old-style fireplace to warm up the room. Vaulted ceilings add an extra dimension to the space. It was very comfy and homey. 

Aournd the grounds at Little River Inn, Mendocino

The Food

After 6 hours of driving and wine we were starving so we went over to the dining room. To get to the dining room you walk through Ole’s Whale Watch Bar. A beautiful handcrafted bar that overlooks the ocean and at the right time of year, you guessed it, you can watch whales. The dining room faces the garden behind the bar. It has an upscale vibe but being on the coast, it’s still causal. I didn’t feel underdressed in my jeans and hoodie. 

Oles Whale watch bar Little River Inn, Mendocino

David had the oysters, he said they were delicious and fresh. I am not a fan of them so I didn’t partake. For dinner, David had the flat iron steak for dinner, which he said was cooked perfectly, along with some tasty mashed potatoes and green beans. I had the braised short rib on polenta. The short rib was flavored perfectly, the polenta was creamy and cooked just right, and the broccolini was cooked to perfect, tender but still crunchy. For dessert, we shared a berry cobbler made with olallieberries. The Olallieberry is a berry I have only come across here in Mendocino. We were told is a hybrid of blackberries and raspberries. It was so good!

After dinner we took a stroll around the grounds and then enjoyed the sunset from those rocking chairs I mentioned before on the deck outside our room, listening to the waves. It was so peaceful. 

Sun setting on Little River Inn, Mendocino

Slept in a bit and went to breakfast. Breakfast was delicious. You can tell everything is fresh from the juice to the eggs. As good as the food is this post is about more than food so on to other details.

A deck with a view at Little River Inn, Mendocino

Golfing at Little River Inn

After breakfast, we went over to the golf course. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to play a round but the manager allowed us to explore it a little by cart. WOW. What a neat course. This is a 9 hole course that sits right on the coast tucked into the redwoods. You can enjoy the ocean view while you tee off. It is also the only golf course along the Mendocino Coast. In the ’50s when Ole decided he needed a golf course at the Inn people told him he was crazy, after consulting 3 golf architects he took on the project himself and opened it in 1957.

Golf Cart tour of the golf course at Little River Inn, Mendocino

I am no golfer, but I have played some rounds. When I saw the course, I’ll admit, I was disappointed to not get to hit a few. The stunning trees, lush landscapes, bright green grass and the ocean view, you cannot help but feel one with nature. Once you get up towards the middle of the course you might even see deer! We found some while on our little tour. So cool! If tennis is your thing, they offer lighted tennis courts as well. If you don’t feel like carting your gear with you they offer rentals at a reasonable price for more info visit there site.

The Little River Inn Spa

Another feature of the lovely Little River Inn is the spa. I will admit, this wasn’t a selling feature for me, I am not one to have patients for facials and I am a wuss when it comes to massages. That being said had we had the time I wouldn’t have minded giving some of the in-room services a shot. Yes! In-room spa service. Little River Inn offers a variety of services including massages and skincare. For more information on what they offer check out their website.

ocean view at Little River Inn, Mendocino

Weddings at Little River

If you are looking for a location to get hitched then this is a great place for smaller weddings. They offer 4 different venues that accommodate 2-200 people. They provide everything you need and offer a wide variety of activities for you and your guests. Little River Inn also has an in-house wedding coordinator and wine consultant. They are sure to make your big day perfect. 

Sun down at Little River Inn, Mendocino

Little River Inn is your own home away from home. With something for everyone, it is the perfect place for a long weekend with your honey, a getaway with the kids or an intimate wedding with a view. Feel free to bring the children of the four-legged kind as well! Little River Inn is dog-friendly!!! If you are planning a trip to Mendocino, Little River inn should be on the top of the list. 

I would love to hear your thoughts! Have you been to Little River? Are you planning a trip? Let’s chat in the comments!

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  1. kmf

    Such a charming place! I prefer the smaller boutique hotels and inns so this place would be perfect!

  2. This place looks adorable! I would love to stay here. I’ve only recently been to California, but I hope to explore more in the future. I love the whale-watching bar. It all looks so peaceful!

  3. That place looks amazing! Just my kinda place to stay as it looks relaxing, cozy, and super unique with lots of charm.

  4. Tricia Snow

    The views are amazing and the food sounds awesome! I love short ribs on Polenta!

  5. jen

    Great! We have plans to stay there in November. Can’t wait!

  6. I would much rather stay in a locally owned and operated B&B. This one is beautiful and the food looks great. The view is amazing as well. I would love to visit the Little River Inn in Mendocino.

    • Same! there is something so homey and inviting about these small locally owned places. pay it a visit if you get a chance!

  7. Pam

    This place looks and sounds lovely! Definitely, one to check out in the future.

  8. We have not been to Little River. However, we should visit. It looks relaxing.

  9. What a beautiful place. I love inns and bed & breakfasts. The food sounds amazing and sign me up for the in-room services. I love massages.

  10. This looks quite lovely!I’ve never been to Little River but now I know where I want to stay when I do go.

  11. Jen

    The inn looks gorgeous! I would love to sit on a rocker and just relax.

  12. What a great respite from the world. I would love to sit at that bar and watch for whales. How cool would that be? Also, I’ve never heard of Olallieberries before. Worth a trip just to try them.

    • YES! it was the wrong time of year for whales but we had the same thought! And the berries are so good!

  13. Beautiful area. Always loved NorCal region but never been this north. Looks wonderful. hubby plays golf and would love it here.

  14. thetreckingfamily

    My question is, did you have an overwhelming desire to live there forever?

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