Table Mountain Inn is a charming little gem of a hotel that sits just on the edge of downtown golden. The staff is warm and inviting and the Southwest-inspired decor gives them the whole place a cozy homey vibe.

Here is what you should know about Table Mountain Inn to help you plan your stay.

A Little History

Table Mountain Inn has undergone a number of changes in ownership, style, and size since it first opened in 1925 as the Hotel Berrimoor which was built with the intention of being a modern luxury hotel and aimed to be the pride of Golden. Back then, the hotel had 32 rooms and a coffee shop. The Berrimoor was short-lived as the Depression affected Colorado in the 1930s.

A few short years later entrepreneur and hotelier, Edgar P Sparks, bought the property and reopened under the name “The Cody Hotel”, the name was chosen to honor Colonel William “Buffalo Bill” Cody whose grave and memorial is at Lookout Mountain.

The view of golden from Table Mountain Inn

Unfortunately, The Cody Hotel didn’t make it long either, it was then sold and reopened with numerous ownerships, names and styles, including a brief stint in Art Deco!

Then in 1948 civic leader, businessman and former Golden Mayor, Lu Holland bought the hotel renaming it “Holland House”. During his ownership, he renovated and created two banquet spaces that would come to host some of Golden’s finest social functions and has been immortalized in Hal Shelton’s “The Birth of Golden in 1958” mural.

Then in 1963, just as the automobile industry was starting to boom, the Holland House re-branded itself as Golden’s First Motor Inn. The Holland House would become synonymous with Golden For the next 24 years. Unfortunately, after Mr. Holland retired in the early 1980s, the hotel did not do well under any of the new owners and was closed in 1987.

Golden feared that it had lost its only real hotel.

lobby of Table Mountain Inn

Finally The Inn Catches a Break

But then, in 1991 some very successful restaurateurs were sitting across the street enjoying coffee at what is now Woody’s Wood Fired Pizza (definitely a must eat in golden read more about that here), when they looked at the former Holland House building and decided to “make a go of it!”

These men, Bart Bortels and Frank Day gave the hotel the greatest renovation town had seen, Table Mountain Inn was born. Along with updating the exterior and completely redoing the room the lobby and restaurant were also recreated. The overhaul ended up with this charming Southwestern décor which is now iconic of
Table Mountain Inn. With the success, the hotel saw it was time to service more people so in 1999, Table Mountain Inn built an addition to the building which added 42 rooms, guest parking and additional indoor/outdoor event space. This solidified Table Mountain Inn as THE place to stay and dine in Golden.

Staying at Table Mountain Inn

Upon arrival, the staff was warm and welcoming. The southwest decor flows throughout the entire hotel.

Our room was spacious and homey. We had a nice fireplace to cozy up to and not one but TWO balconies both having a great view of Table Mountain and one having a great view of the city. The bed was big and comfy too. We had Plenty of extra space to set up the baby’s pack and play which was great! It also had a little mini kitchen space with a fridge and microwave which was a really nice bonus.

One fun touch we loved is that the city has a paper guide that was left on the table to help us figure out what to do while we stayed. I feel like so many places now assume you have the Internet and will just Google but the guide was so nice! Had tidbits about the town, places to see and even walking tour directions to learn a little history.

Parking at Table Mountain Inn

There is a parking garage just to the left of the front entrance where you can park for FREE. It was so nice to stay somewhere that didn’t charge extra to park our cars. There is no valet parking, sorry, you’re gonna have to park the car yourself but the parking is conveniently located close to the lobby.

Eating at Table Mountain Inn

Table Mountain Inn is home to the Table Mountain Grill & Cantina. If I am honest, I was worried when I looked up the restaurant saw some of the images. It almost looked like one of those “Mexican” that just don’t hit the mark. But I am here to say wholeheartedly, this is not the case. While I wouldn’t say it’s traditional Mexican what it is is an upscale take on Mexican with TONS of flavor. I truly loved everything we ordered!

Table Mountain Inn Cantina

We started with the Empanadas. They were AMAZING! These are a must-try when you visit Table Mountain Inn Grill & Cantina for sure.
We also tried the Green Chili, they have their own take on the traditional Colorado recipe, they use masa in it. It was very unique and so tasty.
I had the Chili Reñeno and David had the steak Fajitas. Both plates have so much flavor and were very very good.

I have to admit I was not impressed but the options for children. Though I find this to be the case at the majority of restaurants, not only this one. For a Mexican place to have more “American” style meals on the kid’s meal than Mexican is disappointing. I opted to order Bean a chicken taco, she loved it! Maybe they will add tacos to the kid’s menu!

Check out their menu and other details here.

After all of that delicious food, we opted to take dessert to go. We had the Flourless cake for dessert later that night. It was rich and dense, very good.

Overall the Cantina is right on par with all of the lovely places to eat in Golden and should be on your list whether you stay at the hotel to not. (But you should!)

Other Important information

The hotel is a great place to hold an event as well. There is a great outdoor space that connects to a large area for dining. If you are having a corporate meeting or having a small wedding this is a great place to do it

Stay at Table Mountain Inn

The convenient location of this hotel makes it the perfect place to stay if you are spending time in Golden, Colorado. The majority of what Golden has to offer is just outside the door.

the night view from Table Mountain Inn

You can read more about what to do in Golden here.

Visit the Table Mountain Inn website for booking information.

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