Geiranger is a very cute little town in Norway just a beautiful 3 hour or so boat ride from Alesund. If you are exploring Norway I highly recommend taking a day trip to this scenic little town. Should you decide to go, there is only one want to see Geiranger!

Geiranger Norway

How you might ask? In an eMobilty Twizy! And what is a Twizy you are wondering? It’s a tiny little electric car! It is very cute and so fun. A very unique way to explore a town. The car is equipped with a pre-programmed GPS with a vice guide of the town. As you follow the route the guide will give you interesting information about the landmarks and the town. Another great thing about these little cars is they allow you to get to places that might be otherwise inaccessible. 

The eMobility Twizy
This is a Twizy!

What you need to know:

There are a few options for tours of Geiranger, Norway

There is a few different options for tours varying in times. 

The Panorama Tour

This tour is a quick little hour trip up to the famous throne at the top of the hill with panoramic views of the Fjord. NOK 800

sitting on the throne in Geiranger

Seven Sisters View

This tour is also an hour and takes you up to Eagle’s Bend. This tour takes you through town and then up to Eagle’s Bend for an awesome view of the Seven Sisters waterfalls. NOK 800

Geiranger fjord

Geiranger Highlights 

This tour is 2 hours and combines the first two tours mentioned. This is the one we chose because we had limited time between when our boat arrived and when it departed again. This tour was a great overview of the town since we were under a time constraint. NOK 1500

Geiranger view

Skywalk Glacier View 

This tour is 3 hours long as takes you all the way up! It will show you everything Geiranger has to offer. NOK 1850

Guided tour of Geiranger Norway

Electronic guide not your cup of tea? No problem, take a personal guide with you with a VIP tour. Prices vary 

You can book your tour here

The Twizy Tiny

This little car seats two people, however, I should note the back seat is pretty small, I am 5’2” and petite and I felt pretty crowded back there, though I did see a few larger people taking a back seat. But had I known I might have opted for us to each have our own. (and race! Ok, they don’t go that fast but still)

me in the back of the Twizy

You Will Get a Lot Of Attention!

We started out on our tour and at our first stop we ended up behind a tour bus, I wasn’t sure what the tour bus patrons liked more the view or our Twizzy lol. Three different people asked us if they could take a photo of it, and a dozen others had questions about it. So be prepared to feel like a celebrity/Twizzy ambassador. 

Dress warm!

These little cars don’t have windows so you get a face full of lovely, fresh Norwegian air which is often COLD. They will give you a little blanket to help keep you warm but a hat and gloves are highly recommended.  Notice in the photos I’m wearing my hat and a hood!

Getting to Geiranger, Norway

You can of course drive to Geiranger by car, just add it your road trip, but if that doesn’t work for you like it didn’t for us, there is a boat ride that takes you from Alesund right to town and it has the added bonus of letting you view 3 fjords on the ride. It was great to do something different after a couple of days on the road. If you are planning this route just make sure to book it with enough time in Geiranger to get your Twizy tour in! if you would like to take the Boat you can visit this website to book.

Bonus: Chocolate!

As an added bonus be sure to pay the Geiranger Chocolate Shop a visit and get a delicious hot chocolate and a chocolate dipped waffle on your way back to the boat. The best hot chocolate was the one that mixes all the chocolate types together called. The chocolates were so so good, I was sad I didn’t buy more. 

The Chocolate shop in Geiranger
The Chocolate shop in Geiranger

Final thoughts on the Only Way to See Geiranger

Geiranger is a very small and cute town. It is definitely unique and totally worth spending some time there. We loved our little eMobility Twizy adventure and highly recommend you giving it a go while you are in Norway. We think this is the only way to see Geiranger, Norway! If you are wondering what else to do while in Norway check out our other post all about all the great things to see and do in Norway

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  1. kmf

    I would love to visit Geiranger, Norway! So beautiful! And the twizy is so cute!

  2. Pam

    Oh my goodness, what fun! This looks like the perfect way to explore.

  3. What a lovely place to visit!I l love the little electric car. I would love to try that out. This makes me want to visit Norway!

  4. Marianne

    OMG that Twizzy looks amazing!! LOL… Norway does too… and the chocolate shop. But that vehicle looks like it would be soo much fun to drive! We always travel with kids, so not a possibility for us.

    • It was quite fun and the chocolate was so good! Depends how many kids you have lol. If we went now we would just each get one and one of us would take the little so one or two kids is totally doable!

  5. Kat

    That view at Seven Sisters was breathtaking!

  6. lisa Manderino

    That is the cutest little car!

  7. Carey

    This sounds like an ideal place to visit. Those cars look so fun and the scenery is gorgeous.

  8. Cindy

    I’d love to tour this charming town in Norway in a tiny car! How fun.

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