Toledo is a short train ride from Madrid, it’s a small and ancient town you will not want to miss. It is small enough to walk from either end in about an hour or less and see all of the major spots along the way. You can tour many of these sights while on the tour too. This is the ultimate walking tour to take in Toledo.

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If you took the train from Madrid you will arrive just outside of town. The tour pretty much starts when you arrive. The train station itself is pretty and unique. Have a look around at the architecture and head west!

Alcantara Bridge

The Alcantara Bridge or the Puente de Alcántara is a Roman arch-style bridge that spans the Tagus river. It originally had 3 arches but had to be rebuilt in the 10 century, at that time the 3rd arch disappeared leaving just the two. It was again repaired after being damaged under the reign of Alfonso X where it was given to the town on the west side. The eastern tower was replaced by a baroque-style arch in 1721. It became a National Monument in 1921.

Alcázar de Toledo

Alcázar de Toledo was built in Roman times, Alcázar de Toledo is now the site of the Army Museum. It became the first example of a square fortress with towers on the corners after the Reigns of Alfonso VI and X. The Alcázar was then rebuilt again by Emperor Charles V. It is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 to 5pm and costs 5 Euro to enter (children are free).

Plaza de Zocodover

The Plaza de Zocodover is the main square in Toledo and has served as the city center for most of its history. It was the most important market in the city, it still celebrates this today on Tuesdays.

Marzapane store in the Plaza de Zocodover

Mezquita del Cristo de La Luz

The Mezquita del Cristo de La Luz is a former mosque, it is one of the ten that existed in Toledo during the Moorish period and the only one still remaining. It was converted to a church around 1085 when Christians took over control of the town. The entrance is 3 Euro and opens at 10 am.

Iglesia de San Ildefonso Jesuitas

The Iglesia de San Ildefonso Jesuitas or The Church of San Idelfonso, or Jesuit Church, is a Baroque-style church in the center of Toledo. It took more than 100 years to build beginning in 1629. The church features a fantastic altarpiece and is located on one of the highest points of the city so you can get a panoramic view of Toledo from its towers. The Iglesia de San Ildefonso is open at 10 am and is less than 3 euros per person for admission.

Santa Iglesia Catedral Primada de Toledo

Catedral Primada is a stop you should not miss. This stunning Cathedral is choked full of art and history. It features stunning chapels and is broken down into a few museums. The Sacristy is the most notable featuring an ornate painted ceiling and art from El Greco, Caravaggio, Tiziano, Van Dick, Orrente, Tristán, Goya, Morales, and José Ramos. Throughout the building, you will see fabulous works of architecture and other unique treasures. It is simply stunning.

The Cathedral and museums are open typically from 10 to 6 but they have special holidays and holy days so be sure to check their site before you go. You can do a complete tour for 12,50 Euro or just the museums or 10 Euro, both include the audio guide.

Church of Santo Tomé

The Iglesia de Santo Tomé or The Church of Santo Tomé is located in the center of historic Toledo. It is constructed on the site of an 11-century mosque, in the 14th century it was rebuilt and the minaret of the old mosque was transformed into a bell tower. The church’s claim to fame is that it is home to a famous painting by El Greco called The Burial of the Count of Orgaz. The Church opens at 10 and is open till 5:45 or later depending on the season. Tickets are 3 Euro.

While this is not an image of the Church of Santa Tomé, it is on the way while you walk. It is a cute little bread shop. I saw this window and I went inside hoping to buy a piece of this fish-shaped bread. To my dismay they do not sell this adorable bread. They do however have delicious bread and empanadas so we got a couple for lunch.

Sinagoga de Santa María La Blanca

This Synagogue has been restored and is now a museum. It was built in 1180, disputably considered the oldest synagogue in Europe. It is a Moorish-style synagogue that was converted into a church in the 15 century. General admission is 3 euros and it opens at 10 am year-round.

A view of Toledo

Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes

The monastery of San Juan de Los Reyes is an Isabelline-style Franciscan monastery in Toledo, built by the Catholic Monarchs in 1477. This monastery is still a practicing parish to this day. Like most things on this walking tour in Toledo, there is a ton of history here.

San Martin’s Bridge

The last stop on the walking tour of Toledo is San Martin’s Bridge or the Puente de San Martín. It is located on the west side of town, It spans the Tagus river and features 5 arches. San Martin’s bridge was declared a National Monument in 1921.

The Tourist Wristband

With this Wristband, you can visit the 7 major monuments in Toledo for just 9 euros. Those monuments are Santa María la Blanca Synagogue, Cristo de la Luz Mosque, The Burial of the Count of Orgaz, Salvador Church, Jesuits Church, San Juan de Los Reyes Monastery and Doncellas Nobles School. You can buy that wristband here.

The Complete Walking Tour of Toledo

There you have it, a full and complete walking tour of Toledo. It may sound like a lot but the town is very small. Avid walkers could walk end to end in as little as 40 minutes so you have plenty of time to stroll the streets and stop at all of these great stops along the way.

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Have you been to Toledo? What was your favorite place to see there?

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  1. Chantelle

    This looks absolutely perfect! I’m saving a lot of info on Spain right now since we are supposed to be going there next spring. This makes me excited!

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  3. Toledo would be such a beautiful place for a walking tour! I love the bridges. All the architecture is gorgeous. I hope to make it to Spain someday!

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    Spain is on my travel list and now I want to visit Toledo! Your photos and descriptions are wonderful. Looks like a fascinating city.

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    This is on my dream list! I would love to go to Spain and explore all the amazing cities!

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    What a beautiful city! I was in Madrid a year ago at this time and tentatively planned to take the train to Toledo for a day trip. But ran out of time as there was so much to do in Madrid. Would love to return to visit this place.

  8. This is helping me to plan our Spain accordingly, there’s so much to do and see surrounding Madrid

  9. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Toledo. Your pictures have brought me back to that wonderful city.

  10. We have not been to Toledo. I would love to do a walking tour there. I enjoy walking tours.

  11. What a beautiful city! I love that you can complete this tour in under an hour.

  12. This looks like a great tour. It reminds me of a walking tour that we did last year in Puerto Rico!

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