When I first heard about the Corona Virus I had no idea that it would so quickly become what it has. I never expected to be concerned about the number of toilet paper rolls I had in reserve or wondering if I would ever find Clorox Wipes again and I for sure didn’t expect whole cities to shut down, travel plans to be canceled and for us to find ourselves at home under quarantine on government recommendation.

When we all heard quarantine everyone had the same first thought. “I am going to catch up on that series I have been wanting to watch” or “I am gonna watch every Marvel Movie in order”. But what happens when that just doesn’t cut it anymore? In theory, We love the idea of Netflix and chill for weeks on end, but in practice, most don’t have the attention span for it. I have already seen posts around the interwebs about being bored and stir crazy, so what do you do? Here are 26 things I have thought of to do during the quarantine.

1. Read a Book

There are so many things that we “just don’t have time for” nowadays. Our lives are so busy, many of us stopped really reading books after school ended. Being under quarantine is a perfect excuse to check out that series or author you have been wanting to read. Getting lost in a good book is a great way to pass the time. Getting your hands on reading material is easier than ever. Here are a few ways to consume a good book.

Download a digital copy instantly through Kindle, Apple Books, Barnes, and Noble or another book app. You can sign up for Kindle Unlimited or borrow thousands of titles with Amazon Prime.

If you are old school and prefer the page feel of a real book have one sent in the mail. Amazon has tons of books you can get as soon as the next day with Amazon Prime. You can even get a free month to get you started if you don’t already have prime!

I have never been a huge reader, I have recently discovered listing to my books and I am totally hooked! Check out Audible and get your first book free!

Thought the libraries are closed, many of the libraries offer free digital books for borrow. Check out your local libraries website or simply good the book you are looking for, google with show you all of the apps you can get that book on as well as the libraries.

2. Learn a New Skill 

Learning something new has never been easier. You can find 100s of online courses about almost anything you want to learn. Online courses can be really inexpensive and because of the quarantine many are even on sale. Here are some great learning resources.

LinkedIn Learning. They offer a free one month trial and have courses in many things you may want to learn. Tech, Finance, Career advancement and more. Once you complete a course it reports it on your LinkedIn page which looks great if you are in the market for a new job or position.

Teachable is a great platform as well, here you can find a course about anything. I mean anything. Coding, digital art, goat care, plant care… anything.

Udemy is another popular choice, It too includes tons of lessons from tons of resources.

Creative Live is a good source for those wanting to learn more creative skills like digital art, photography or video.

Code Academy is a great resource if you are interested in the computer sciences.

3. Learn a New Language 

There are a lot of great apps and programs out there that can get you up and going on a second or even third language. For many it’s always been something they wanted to di but just didn’t have the time. You do now!

Duolingo is a great app. It is one of the most popular. I makes learning a new language easy and fun. Even better is that it is FREE!

Rosetta Stone has been around for many years. They offer a ton of languages. It is not free, however, they offer monthly subscriptions as well as lifetime purchases.

4. Take a Music Lesson 

Many music schools have switched to online lessons for the time being, what a great time to dust off that piano or guitar you got and never learned. Call around to your local studios and see who is offering them!

5. Do a puzzle

May seem old fashion but puzzles are a great time passer and they stimulate your brain in ways it may have not been stimulated in a while. Of course, the come in all shapes and sizes to fit any skill level however with the time we have available why not challenge yourself with a more difficult one!

6. Play a Board Game

I don’t know about you, but growing up there was always a shelf of old board games in the closet. We rarely played them but saved them for a rainy day or a quarantine day? Well, now it is your rainy day! Dust off that Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit or Risk and get playing!

7. Play a Video Game

You may or may not have a gaming system laying around. If you are around my age (mid thirties) I would say you likely have at least one. Even if it’s the one left over from years ago that has been collecting dust and may or may not be plugged in. Bust it out and play an oldie but goodie or if it’s a newer system see if there is a new game that looks interesting. This is a great way to kill time and it is more mentally stimulating than just watching TV.

8. Start a blog!

Have you thought about a blog before? Now is a great time to start one since you are in quarantine and probably on the computer anyway! You can just sign up for a free one and share your thoughts and stories with the world or you can take it a step further and go self-hosted and make a little side business out of it someday! If you are interested in the self-hosted route. Here are a couple of resources to get you started.

First, you need a domain and hosting. Bluehost can take care of both of these for you. You can get your site hosted for less than $3 bucks a month!

Next, you need some direction. I recommend this great little fast track course offered by It’s a Lovely Life. If its a travel blog you seek to create they also have a course about starting a travel blog just like this one!

Another course that I have really enjoyed is Superstar Blogging. It is geared towards travel but can be used for any type of blog. Matt also has a lot of great free courses to get you started.

9. Bake or Cook 

Assuming you can get some groceries in this insane time cooking or baking is a great way to pass the time and it serves a dual purpose since you can eat what you make! There are tons of good recipes all over the web that are fairly easy and don’t require too many ingredients. It is a tasty past time for sure! If you are feeling really crafty try a decorating kit and try your hand at cake or cookie decorating.

10. Paint

Now now, I don’t expect you to be Picasso here. You can get a great paint by number that will help you make a great work of art that will really pass the time. If you are feeling especially artistic go for a few paints and a blank canvas and see where your mind takes you. Either way painting is fun and rewarding.

11. Draw 

Along the same lines as painting but with less materials. Grab a note book or some printer paper and a pencil and doodle or draw. You are not trying to be a pro artist here, just let you mind wander. You can draw line doodles, small cartoons, attempt to draw objects around the house or outside or even get your significant other or kids involved and draw a story. I am sure you will be surprised what you can come up with!

12. Diamond Painting 

Like the paint idea but not the whole paint mess idea? Diamond paintings are a cool and unique little project that will eliminate the paint spill woes. though you may find the little diamonds about. A diamond painting is small little colorful “diamonds” that you stick a sticky mat that makes a picture. It reminds me of like painting with pixels since each little diamond is a different color and the all work together to make an image.

13. Yaymaker Virtual Painting Classes

You have probably seen those events that you can go to a local restaurant or bar and paint with your friends. They provide all the tools and paints and an instructor breaks it down so it’s so easy to do. Clearly you can’t go to the restaurant or bar right now with the quarantine but fortunately, they just started remote painting sessions! You choose the painting you want, they will send you the kit you need to do the project and then you login the virtual class to get the step by step instruction. It’s perfect!

14. Order from a Local Art Place

Depending on where you are you probably have one of those paint your own pottery places around. This can be great fun. Typically you would go to them and hang out and paint but since we are all in our homes they have decided to bring the painting to you. At least the one by my house did, I would call around to your local location and see if they are doing anything for quarantine. Ours is offering local delivery or curbside pick up and including the basic tools. You take it home and paint it and then bring it back later for firing. SO COOL! and it supports local businesses.

15. Make A Craft

Arts and crafts are always fun. Order in some supplies and make something fun. A sign or wreath for the door maybe? There are some really great ideas for easy crafts on Pinterest. I bet you can even find some that can use what you already have around the house! Don’t worry about making it perfect just make something!

16. Learn to Crochet or Sew

I used to think this was an old lady hobby, and maybe it is but its also a pretty handy skill to have and it will surely pass the time. Start with a washcloth, you can use it to disinfect the counters! Maybe you can graduate to one of those cute little animals you see on Etsy.

17. Get Some Fresh Air

A miss conception of the “safer at home” order is that we can’t go outside at all. In reality you can go out and get fresh air. Go take a walk outside or hike a trail you have been wanting to check out. Of course practice proper social distancing, maintain a 6 feet space between others whenever possible and wash or sanitize your hands upon your return.

18. Do a photo walk 

If you have a “real” camera use that but if not the one on your phone will do just fine. Go out for some fresh air and snap some photos. Maybe you pick a theme, like flowers. Maybe you document what the quarantine is like for your area. Or look up a scavenger hunt online and look for certain items. It gets you out of the house for some fresh are and you get to snap some fun photos too. Remember to, of course, mind your social distancing and wash your hands when you return.

19. Get buff

What better time to work on that set aside new year’s resolution and work on the summer bod? Thought the gyms are closed many gyms and fitness studios are offering free internet workouts to do from home, no gym equipment required. Do a little or do a lot but it will keep you healthy both mentally and physically. Check with your local studio or check out Daily Burn.

20. Be Zen

Yoga studios are also offering free classes to do in your home. In this stressful time taking a breather and changing your focus would be just what you need. Check with your local studios or check out Gaia.

You can also try meditating to be zen. Apps like Headspace are a great resource for doing this at home.

21. Plan the Ultimate Vacation 

I mean this is a travel blog, after all, I was going to have to think of something travel related to do while in quarentine. Think of it as window shopping but from home. Research hotels, attractions, and prices. It can then be a goal to complete once things return to normal. Maybe even try out that new language you started learning! You can start with a couple of our itineraries like Iceland or New Zealand!

22. Be a Tutor!

Have a knack for a subject or a skill? With so many kids out of school and so many overwhelmed parents reach out to friends and family and see if you can help them over video chat. 

23. Deep Clean

Ok this one isn’t very fun but at the same time how many times have you said “ugh, I really need to clean out that garage but I just don’t have any time to do it!” Why not tackle that spring cleaning now while under quarantine? Clean out the garage, go through the closest and get rid of all those old clothes you don’t wear, give that tub some extra love, or get to that tile grout that has been driving you mad. 

24. Make a Photo Book

With smartphones these days we have more photos than ever before but they sit on our phones and get lost in the scroll. Why not take this free time to reminisce and put those photos to good use! Sites like Shutterfly make it so easy to make a book of photos fast and not too expensive. Make a book about the last year, your vacations, favorite things around the world, your kids growing up, anything worth remembering. Get your first photobook FREE on Shutterfly!

25. DIY Projects

You’re at home anyway, why not tackle those little odd jobs you are likely putting off. Change that one lightbulb thats been out for months or switch them all for cost saving LEDs, put the batteries in the smoke detector you inevitably removed and never actually put back in. Check out the health of your toilet flappers. These are super easy to change out and very cheap, the do wear out of time so if your toilet isn’t flushing like it used to give them a look and save yourself the expensive plumber. Hang those family photos you bought last year that have been leaning against the wall waiting for their day to shine.

If you up for bigger projects maybe replace an old light fixture or fan. Give a stale room a fresh coat of paint. There is plenty to do around the home, if you need some help I find that YouTube is a great resource just watch a few to ensure you are getting accurate information.

26. Spend some time with Animals

Pets have proven to lower stress and anxiety. If you have a pet or pets already, spend some extra time with them. Maybe teach them a new trick or go on a hike with them. Don’t have a pet? That isn’t a problem! shelters are looking for fosters, especially now. Invite a pet into your home while you are homebound. It is a win for both of you! Ready for a full-time fur baby? Shelters are also discounting or waiving adoption fees right now, so there is no better time!

The Things to do During Quarantine Wrap Up

So there you have it. Here is a comprehensive list of things to do while you are under quarantine. This is a weird time, it is important to do all we can to keep the spread of this down. It is important not panic or stress too much. Buy just what you need at the stores save resources for everyone. We have be a community more than ever right now. If you have any questions or concerns consult quality resources like www.Coronavirus.org, www.CDC.gov and www.who.int.

What have you all been up to during quarantine so far? Anything to add to this list? Let’s chat in the comments!

26 things to do in quarentine
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  1. Cindy

    Great ideas! I am actually enjoying the downtime.

  2. Great suggestions! I’m definitely planning on doing many of them.

  3. It’s been challenging trying to keep everyone busy, thanks for all the tips! I think I’m going to check up on the online music lessons – so fun!

  4. Great ideas! We’re a family of introverts who enjoy spending time alone working on our passions, but even introverts may need some new ideas.I hate to admit it, but I’ve loved being in my quiet home reading and writing. My daughter does her schoolwork, and then she likes to spend her time in the yard. It’s been a time of quiet reflection and self-care for us!

  5. Lisa Manderino

    This is a great list. So many choices quarantine doesn’t have to be that bad!

  6. My husband and I are now working from home so we have replaced our normal commute with a morning walk. We have also been trying lots of new recipes in our down time, which gives us even more need for the walls! Lol.

  7. kmf

    No one can ever say they are bored with this list. I’m catching up on reading, writing, organizing, cleaning, watching movies. It’s always been on my bucket list to watch all Oscar best picture winners so am watching/rewatching them.

  8. All great ideas. I’m sure that so many people just don’t know what to do with themselves and their kids right now.

  9. Extensive list you have here. I agree Duolingo is a great app for learning a new language, helped me with my French. Another thing to add is catching up on your child’s school work if you have one in grade school. I’m having fun doing some of the activities together, nice break working from home 😀

  10. Have more time to study and keep up with my piano & French lessons. Just picked up learning how to play pool 🎱 might as well use our pool table, lol!

  11. What a great list! We stocked up on library books the day before they closed, and we’ve been utilizing the audiobook apps that they offer too.

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