COVID-19 has hit us all in one way or another. We are all finding ourselves at home a lot more than usual some of us with too much to do between balancing working from home, a school for the kids and regular family life. Others are feeling cooped up and don’t know what to do with all their spare time. Bloggers already work from home so this isn’t all new anyway, though I miss my afternoon writing at the coffee shop with a good chai. The travel blog niche, however, can be a tough one, safer at home is the opposite of travel! Have no fear, there is plenty to write about while you are at home. Here are 101 great travel blog posts ideas for surviving quarantine or anytime you are stuck at home!

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Happy blogging and travels (hopefully soon)!

Travel Blog Post Ideas for When You Are Not Traveling

Travel bloggers often don’t travel one hundred percent of the time, most of us have regular jobs and lives to tend to when we are not traveling. So most of these ideas are the same ideas I have on hand when I am out of trip wrap-ups and need to add something to write about. Well, my fellow travel bloggers, to spare you some sanity and writer’s block I am going to share this list of travel blog post ideas with you. I hope it will help you during your downtime and during this quarantine.

Tips & Tricks Blog Post Ideas

Help other travelers by sharing your best practices when traveling, planning and packing.

  1. Organizing your trip
  2. Your Packing tips to make travel easier
  3. Your packing list(s) types of places (tropical, cold, remote, etc)
  4. Tips for airline travel
  5. Tips for taking road trips
  6. Things you won’t leave home without
  7. Preparing for a trip
  8. Favorite travel apps
  9. Favorite travel snacks
  10. What to do when things go wrong
  11. How to travel with pets
  12. How to travel to a place when you don’t know the language
  13. How to plan a trip with a big group
  14. Travel things you don’t really need
  15. Safety while traveling
  16. Surviving long travel days
  17. Travel photo tips

Travel Inspiration Blog Posts

These are perfect posts when you are home because you are just dreaming of your next travels or helping others cultivate their travel dreams.

  1. Why travel
  2. Your top # favorite trips
  3. Bucket list destinations
  4. Future trip plans
  5. Best books about travel
  6. What inspires you about travel
  7. Share some of your favorite travel quotes

Round-Up Style Blog Posts

Take all that knowledge from your trips and break it down into easy to digest little nuggets of inspiration for your readers.

  1. Your favorite foods from around the world
  2. Best specific food from your travels (bread, cookie, steak, etc)
  3. Your all-time favorite hotels
  4. Your all-time favorite AirBNBs
  5. Your all-time favorite restaurant/brewery
  6. Your favorite foods from home
  7. The weirdest things you’ve eaten while traveling
  8. The weirdest things you’ve done while traveling
  9. The most underrated beaches/destinations/cities/etc.
  10. Best destinations for couples
  11. Best destinations for families
  12. Best destinations for solo travelers
  13. # must-see beach/towns/cities/etc.

Exploring Your Hometown Blog Posts

No one knows your hometown like you. Maybe it seems boring to you by now most people have not ever been there so pretend to be a tourist of your own town and share some great places to see when they come. During quarantine when you can visit said places for photos and such choose places you already spend a lot of time and probably have photos on your phone you can use. Selling others on visiting your home town has the added bonus of selling you back on it too.

  1. How to see your home town like a local
  2. # things to see and do in your hometown
  3. why a day trip to a neighboring city worth it
  4. A hidden gem of your home town
  5. Best cuisine or restaurants
  6. Best parks/trails/beaches/destinations only locals know
  7. Tips and information about the touristy spots.
  8. Highlight something your town is known.
  9. Special events or things that make your town unique (biggest mall, an annual tulip festival, etc)
  10. Seasonal, less known events or activities

Past Trip Break Down Posts

Don’t that one great trip go to waste, it’s so much more than one or two posts! Here are some great ways to get the most out of a trip on your blog.

  1. Tips for planning the trip
  2. Packing for the trip
  3. Fun facts or history of the place
  4. Why you recommend going there
  5. Tips for getting around
  6. How to get by if you don’t know the language
  7. transportation tips, public transit or driving.
  8. Favorite food you ate
  9. A favorite, historic or unique restaurant
  10. Best hikes
  11. Unique activity or activities to do
  12. Review for an attraction like a museum or zoo
  13. A dedicated post for each city you visited
  14. What to do in the place
  15. What NOT to do in the place
  16. Fun or unique sayings or slang you learned

Posts About Being A Travel Blogger

The blog life is not for everyone but there is plenty of curiosity around it. Share your experiences and let others live vicariously through you!

  1. How often does a travel blogger travel?
  2. How does a travel blogger afford all those trips?
  3. How does a travel blogger decide where to travel?
  4. How do you satisfy your wanderlust when you’re at home?
  5. What you miss from home when you travel
  6. Making friends on the road
  7. What do you do when you’re homesick?
  8. What travel bloggers gift guides
  9. Where do you go to get ideas for trips?
  10. How you got started with travel blogging.

More Personal Blog Posts

Let your readers get to know you even more!

  1. Where was your very first trip?
  2. What was your first trip like?
  3. When did you start traveling?
  4. Your favorite travel splurges
  5. Favorite souvenir
  6. A thing or souvenir you have to get on every trip.
  7. Your favorite childhood trips / first memory of vacations
  8. A truly lonely time traveling
  9. The moment when you realized travel changed your life
  10. The moment you realized you were bitten with the wanderlust bug,

Travel Blog Posts about Lessons Learned

Traveling teaches us many things. Somethings we have to learn from doing. Share those moments with your readers.

  1. # mistakes you made (and what you do now)
  2. What you wish you’d known when ______
  3. Places you’d never go again
  4. Trip tools or sites you would never use again
  5. What was the result when you forgot something at home
  6. What have you learned about yourself through travel?
  7. Common mistakes tourist make and how to avoid them
  8. How you recovered from a big mishap on a trip

Budget and Finance Travel Blog Posts

The number one thing that keeps people from traveling is the costs involved. Share with your readers some ways they can make traveling fit into any budget!

  1. Creating a travel budget
  2. Starting a travel fund
  3. Making Travel affordable
  4. How to save money on airfare
  5. How to stretch your travel budget
  6. Trips and tricks for cheaper travel
  7. How to save money on accommodations
  8. Exactly what you spent when you traveled to a certain place
  9. Is “budget” worth it? (e.g. budget bus, airlines, suitcases, etc.)
  10. A list of free things to do in a destination

Now Get Writing!

Hopefully, this list of travel blog posts ideas will keep you inspired to write while you are at home. Certainly quarantine and staying home, not seeing our friends and family in person is tough but temporary. But at least now you have some fuel for your writing and your blog can flourish while you are home!

Be sure to sign up for the free printable version. Keep it handy when writer’s block strikes!

Want To Start A Blog?

Been thinking about starting your own blog but didn’t know where to start? If this list of posts got your inspired to try your hand at blogging check out this How to Start a Travel Blog Course by It’s A Lovely Life. These guys know their stuff and really kicked my blog into gear!

Got any go-to travel blog posts ideas for when you are not traveling that I missed? Add them in the comments!

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