Glymur is the second-highest waterfall in Iceland, it only recently dropped to second place, however. It was only in 2007 that a larger fall was discovered. The waterfall is located about an hour from Reykjavik in Hvalfjordur.  It is a hike that should absolutely be on your must-see list.

Glymur waterfall

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many views hiking glymur

The hike to the top of Glymur is about 1.5 hours in each direction. It’s a fairly difficult hike up to the waterfall. That being said, it is probably the most memorable hike I have taken on my travels and it’s worth every obstacle along the way.

helpful signs leading to glymur

You cross a bridge, and by “bridge” I mean a log stretched across the water. There is a wire across you can hold on to that makes the crossing a smidge safer. Assuming the river isn’t running hard it’s not too bad to cross. From there, there is a small cave you have to climb through.

the log bridge to cross to get to glymur

I definitely recommend good, waterproof hiking boots. Some parts are very steep, they have ropes and chains to help you along but it can still be pretty intense. There was only one part that really tested my fear of heights though, almost turned back. But it’s Iceland… so no way, suck it up buttercup! 

sheep on glymur hike

While long and challenging, it’s very rewarding. There are so many spots to stop and catch the views of the vast countryside. We stumbled upon some wandering sheep while climbing in a cave and found some creek. There is so much to see. There are wood signs that point you in the right direction to the falls so you don’t have to get lost. 

sheep in a cave on glymur hike

Once we made our way to the top it was a sight to see for sure. The very top was so windy and so cold! We grinned and bared it for a quick photo (notice the pain on our faces) and headed back down.

more views from glymur hike

There is a place near the top to cross a river and head down the other side. Due to the weather and cold, we opted to just go back down the way we came. It was pretty rainy the day we went. We ended up cold, muddy and wet but completely worth it. I recommend packing a poncho or a good rain jacket in case it rains so you will not be as wet as we were. 

we made it to the top of glymur!

Oh! There is no bathroom! This is important to note, as there isn’t really anywhere close by to stop either. I had to rough it over in a bush 🙈, so plan accordingly.  

I hope my photos and this post will convince you that a hike to Glymur is an absolute must-do in Iceland.

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  1. kmf

    You’ve convinced me! I would to hike this for those amazing views.

  2. We love hiking and we love waterfalls. We would love to hike a waterfall. Your photos are so beautiful.

  3. WOW! I love hiking and this hike would be a DREAM! I hope to get to gorgeous Iceland one day.

  4. Casandra

    What a beautiful hike. I really enjoyed our trip to Iceland. Such a unique experience and breathtaking scenery!

  5. Wow! I love a beautiful hike. And I wouldn’t mind testing my balancing act skills on that log. Crazy!

  6. I’m a pretty fearless hiker but that cabled bridge? I’m not sure of that one!!

  7. This looks so beautiful! Definitely adding this to my list for when I get back to Iceland!

  8. Jordan

    This hike looks amazing! I love hiking, but I don’t know if I could handle this one. The pictures are gorgeous though!

    • It was a little, you can’t see it very well in the picture but there is a cable you can hold on to while you cross and the log is pretty firmly stuck there, doesn’t roll around or anything.

  9. How amazing! I would totally do this in Iceland.mountain sheep amaze me how they climb and to be able to see them close is fascinating. Beautiful area and stunning views. Thanks for the tips!

  10. I am always amazed by the beauty of Iceland. Everything looks so untouched and disconnected from the rest of the world. Or as I like to call it, perfection!

  11. This looks amazing. I would definitely stick it out for this waterfall although I would need to make sure my kids are in shape for it. We’ll, of course, need to bring lots of water and food with us.

  12. I want to visit Iceland so very badly! I hope to one day soon. Your photos are amazing and makes me want to go even more.

  13. Cindy

    We loved Iceland. It looks like yours was not a winter trip! I would love to see it in summer. We didn’t get to this waterfall but we did get to a couple others. So lovely!What a great country all around.

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