There are so many ways to travel and plenty of options of where you can stay. You can camp in a tent, you can camp in a van, you can stay in a hotel or motel. Maybe you prefer a resort. All of which have their pros and cons. For us, AirBNB is where it’s at. Here are 4 reasons to stay in an Airbnb.

1. You Get to Live Like a Local

You get the chance to see how people live when you stay in their homes. You get to really be immersed in the culture and the community of where you are visiting.

2. You Get Insider Information

Because you get to meet people who live in the city you are staying they often have good tips on what to see and where to eat that you may not find in that travel book you got before the trip. You also get to meet the people and learn about them. They often love to share info about where they live and even the history of the towns or countries you are in. We have made several friends with our hosts along the way!

3. It’s Cheaper!

Ok so camping might be cheaper… but it’s cheaper than most hotels and resorts. You often get really great rooms with great views for much less than you would in a hotel or resort.

4. There is a Huge Variety

In many cities you get options you would never find with other ways of travel. You can choose from a small room to rest your head to a whole house to live in for the duration of your stay, high-end or low-end. You can choose to be almost anywhere in the city, walking distance to town centers or out on a rural farm. We have stayed on a farm, in a cottage and even in a yurt on the beach!

There Are The 4 Reasons To Stay in an AirBNB

It’s for these reasons why we find that Airbnb is our preferred way of travel. A big part of traveling for us is not only to see the sights but to learn and understand the culture and history of the places we see. Airbnb is a great way to do this and there is always room to fit any budget so it’s a great way to manage costs.

When we travel we don’t tend to stay put for more than a night or two. We usually book a room in a new town each night, Airbnb makes this really easy to do. We have had nothing but great experiences with the 30 or so hosts we have already had the pleasure of staying with, communication is easy through the app and it’s also well organized. You can read about many of our Airbnb stays in our itinerary posts.

I can say that Airbnb is my preferred way to travel, I’ll skip the hotels… but won’t rule out a good camping trip or resort stay every now and then.

Have you stayed in an AirBNB? What did you think? Or tell me what your favorite way to travel is.

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